Remedy for restless

May 21, 2010

Do you feel Restless at Home?


Does getting out of your place make you feel good and full of energy? It may sound surprising but can be true, for some places have negative energies, which can make one feel depressed:

Unblock the Northwest
Vayu owns the northwest direction. The god of wind, which brings change and novelty in your life. Check if the northwest corner of your plot is more elevated or heavier than the southeastern corner, as such as imbalance would imply a blockage in energy flow. Also, if there is a cut in the northwest of your plot, it means that the benefit of the northwest is not available to you.

Elevate the Southwest You must also check the southwestern part of your plot and structure. Check the floor levels in the southwestern and northeastern direction. If the floor levels of the southwest are lower, it creates a vaastu defect. The magnetic energy line that flows diagonally from the northeastern corner should not be blocked or burdened by a pillar, staircase or heavy goods store. This defect cause mental tension, depression, anxiety and lethargy.

Enter a new phase of growth

You may also feel that despite putting in your best efforts, everyday, you are not getting the desired results. If you feel your personal growth is stagnation or that your business is not growing the way it should, you will definitely feel frustrated and restless.

You need to check the main entries of your plot. Your main gate and main door should not be located in the southwestern corner of the plot. The southwest is an end: it should not be a start. Magnetic energy starts from the northeast and ends in the southwest. If the door or a gate is provided here. The energy leaks out. This should also be seen in comparison with the openings in the northeast: if the number of doors and windows in the northeast is lower, then you need to worry about this vaastu defect.

The current trend is to create glass fades for entire buildings. It is a serious vaastu defect if the glass elevation faces the southwest, implying that the building front is made of glass and a concrete wall closes its rear, towards the northeast. It creates an imbalance in these two directions, which leads to financial problems.


East Versus West

May 7, 2010

Every body knows East is a sunrise direction. Sun gives life to every body, it purifies, cleanses, energizes the whole universe. Yes the east direction is related to prosperity and fulfillment in life. So the question is who does not want to be prosperous? For prosperity, the east should always be open, ventilated, light and clean. If these parameters are not taken care of, then how can you welcome the prosperity from the east direction? If there are maximum openings in the form of windows, doors, ventilators etc., lot of sun energy can enter the premises. The sunlight, which is coming, is full of ultra violet rays, which are very healthy and contain medicinal value. The Indian epics always stress on the early rise for the human being because of the usage for the early sunrays.

The Surya Namskar also works in the same manner so that the body may be fulfilled with the sun energy. The human being can go out in open to get sun energy but the building structure cannot go out. So to reap the benefits of the sun energy try to open the east to the maximum.

Washrooms if given in the east contaminate the solar energy, this direction is considered very pious so don’t make such a use of this direction that it may get dirty. Storerooms and generator rooms are also not allowed in the eastern direction. The total area should be divided in three parts. The first part is the North East, which is a strict no for storerooms and generator rooms. The second part is bang east which again should be spared. The third part is southeast. This part can have the generator and fire works like kitchen and industrial fire etc.

The eastern direction can have a puja room or a study room. Conference rooms in the corporate sector are also a good usage for the east sides. The color combination should be used in lighter and pastel shades like leaf green, cream shades etc.

West is a dark direction. It is a sun set direction. Sun sets in the west direction. The west direction is owned by Lord Varun and ruled by Lord Saturn. Due to the dark nature of this direction violet shade, gray shades and darker shades of colors are suitable to this direction.

West is more powerful at night because of its dark nature. It is activated in the evenings after the sunset. Bedrooms, leisure rooms, rest rooms, family sit outs are best in this direction. West should not have a kitchen it is not prosperous and pious. West direction can have toilets and washrooms. The overhead water tanks are best placed in this direction. This gives weight to this direction. The owner of this direction the lord Varun that symbolizes water. Avoid the main entries from this direction as we discussed that the corresponding entry from the east should be used.

The extensions in the west are not good and it should be made regularly shaped. It gives delays in the life. There should not be any sumps in the western directions. Water tanks, which are under ground, borings, swimming pools etc., are not at all allowed in the western directions.

Always try to make your back towards the western directions. In this way you will always be facing the east directions, which is very prosperous. Televisions etc. should be kept like this that you are forced to face the east direction.

The western walls should be made heavy and strong. The windows, openings should be 50% in comparison to eastern directions. The more strong walls in the west, the more you will be happy. Stronger walls in the west stop the leakage of the subtle energies.

Furniture weights should be made more in the west in comparison to the eastern parts. The balance should show a good difference between east and west. You can make a rockier in the western part as it will make it heavy. Big and heavy trees can be planted in the western directions.

Beware if you are going to select a plot and if it is west facing take care that it should not face a garden or open spaces. If you have a western direction to face for your structure you should not make the main entry from the southwestern corner. It will act as a very strong enemy. The main gate should always bring good luck so never make a main gate in the southwest.

West Walls should not be studded with looking mirrors; this will make the west wall bigger. The family pictures can be hung on the west walls so that it may receive the good energies of east.

Achieve Peace in Life Using Vaastu

April 29, 2010

The essence of true happiness is peace in our life. How we see and feel peace? Balance and harmony in all aspects of life can be defined as peace. The limits of our expectations and the power to access the locker of results is in our own hands. We will analyze how we can see peace in our life and what could be other reasons.

Peace of mind: Human mind is controlled by the brain. It has two parts left and right brain. One side sees with the logical reasoning behind every decision and the other side deals with emotional reasons. When these two parts come in clash with each other for a decision, our mind is deprived of peace. Now we discuss the triggers of bad vaastu liable for unrest in mind. Check if you are sleeping with head pointing towards the north direction? This direction has a tremendous flow of North Pole energy, which disturbs our mind while we are at sleep. Another point to check is overhead stress; this means you should not have a beam over your head. Hidden beams over the false ceilings are also a point of worry. So do not sit or sleep under a beam, get peace of mind.

Peace at Heart: Generally heartaches arise due to jealousies, betrayals, failures and disappointments. Unrest in heart says you are not happy with life but we try to find the causes and triggers from vaastu angle. Tight and closed spaces give you feeling of loneliness, a closed door to the outer world. Try to remove the unnecessary things and make the area clean and lighter to give ease to heart. Check if you have more opening towards the southwestern parts of your place, more windows and doors in comparison to northeastern sides invite feeling of depression and anxiety. These openings create leakage of energies, which give you low feelings. The accumulation and contentment part is deprived and hence we are deprived of peace at heart.

Peace at body: Body pains, medicine boxes, hospital trips, huge medical bills acknowledge that one is not having peace at body. Again we talk about the subtle energies that in what form they come in your house. Are these energies negative or positive? What is the amount they come in, these life force energies sufficient for your healthy living. Toilets and kitchens placed at the source directions of energies spoil their positive essence. Irregular shapes of plots and building gives a cut to some important directions and hence stops the flow of energies. All these defects give us unrest in body.

Peace with your Soul Mate: Life becomes cool, interesting and looks very rosy if your life partner is computable with you. The vaastu reasons for non-compatibility may be wrong placements of your bedrooms; if you occupy the fire directions you may feel the heat of clashes. Internal elements in the room like pictures, the color of the room and the entry for the room also matter. The placement of water sources in the fire directions may also become a reason. The placement of kitchen in wrong directions and the internal settings of gas stove and water sinks could also be a culprit for unrest in your married life. Correct the defects of vaastu, apply its peaceful laws.

Peace with your father: Purest form of relationship, but in this modern time, needs answers, clarifications, equal amount of give and takes. The ego strings attached to this relation some times gives bad music. Now we come to the vaastu part. Check your building structure. If north is higher than south you may be uncomfortable in this relation ship. Another big reason may be occupying the authoritative positions in the structure. The southwestern positions occupied by the son gives him dominating attitudes and bring a clash between the father and son.

Vaastu for Business

April 20, 2010
Let the wisdom of vaastu help take your business forward in this modern world of cutthroat competition.

For an enterprenuer, nothing is more frustrating than working in indebtness. In come ups and downs depends on several factors, including vaastu. While others may not be under your control, the vaastu aspects of your business are. Use vaastu well to help your business flourish

Unblock the North

Blocking in the north is a major factor that makes a business prone to debts. Heavy furniture, closets, clutter and fewer openings on the north wall are vaastu defects, as is a building elevated more in the north than the south. While constructing upper floors, if the north is covered and the south is left vacant, that too creates a vaastu defect. The magnetic energy coming in from the north gets dissipated if the south does not have a structure to contain it.

Build in the North East

If you have an industrial set-up, carefully check the northeast of the premises/structure. There should not be any cuts in the construction or basic land structure. In some plots, the northeast corner is missing, denoting that the vaastu purushs head is cut; this hinders magnetic energies from entering the plot. The northeast corner is the most sensitive corner of the building. Positioning a toilet in this area leads to business troubles. Creating a raw material store in the northeast also causes many problems, such as dips in order booking and stagnation of business.

Vaastu Smart Business

  • Dont ever take loans on a Tuesday. In fact, do the reverse— always try to repay loan installments on Tuesday.
  • If you are lending money to someone, do not lend it on a Wednesday, for there might be difficulties in reclaiming it.
  • If burdened by loans and business problems, place a picture of lord Krishna playing the flute and flanked by Radha and a cow. It is said that Krishnas flute takes away all your problems. But just hanging a picture will not help. Also work hard to counter other shortcomings that harm your business.
  • Apply a swastika with turmeric powder on the main door. Always light a diya outside the main door in the evening.
  • Follow the proverbearly to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Wake up with the sun; it helps you and your business grow.

Get Vaastu Wise

April 10, 2010
Your bedroom is your private sanctum sanctorum. Make sure it is vaastu proofed like rest of your house.

Sleeping Sense :

  • For sound sleep, always point your head towards the south. Pointing to the north leads to stress and aches, as electromagnetic waves flowing from the north create conflict.
  • To avoid health problems, do not point your feet towards the room door.
  • Avoid any opening behind your bed as that leads to instability.
  • Never point your bed head towards the bathroom wall, as that will create health problems.
  • Do not display pictures of war cruelty or sadness. Never display a single bird or animal in the couples bedroom. Give appropriate place to pictures of deities.
  • Do not keep water bodies in the bedroom. Water leads to instability.
  • Do not place a mirror in the bedroom. If its unavoidable, keep it in such a position that it reflect you. As you sleep. Avoiding mirrors means avoiding unnecessary quarrels.
  • If you have a beam indoor bedroom roof, it may lead to health problems and tensions. Try not to sleep under it.

Colours Capers

Red : It is a color of blood and has obvious association with life and body. It is color of lust, passion, materialism and base energies. Red is associated with fire. It gives activity, energy and will power. Structures facing the south direction can give the red color in there front elevation (facing) Those who do not like the red color can give some red color element in the exterior. In the interiors one can paint the south walls of living room with red to create life force energy. Rosy red shades show deep love hence this shade can be given in bedroom. Clear red and dark red shades shows anger and should not be used in bedrooms.

Orange : It is a color for pride, ambition, communication and manipulating the people. It also shows health and vitality. Orange shades can be used on the south walls of the bedrooms of young aspiring people who are yet to achieve their goals in life. Since it is fiery color it should not be used where occupant have furious kind of nature. Orange shades can be given in kitchen if it falls in the south or southeastern directions.

Yellow : It is a color of illumination, light, and intellect. It is a color of higher mental activity. It is a color of goddess. Yellow is good for studies, concentration and stabilizing the mind. This color is best suited on the north walls.

Green : It is the color of nature, symbolizes fertility, abundance, growing positive energy, prosperity. It also symbolizes rebirth, this means recreation of new ideas. Green is also a healing color, good for heart and high blood pressure problems. This color gives a cooling effect on irritating, stubborn nature. Can be used as remedy measure for couple with clashes in there married life. Pastel green shades can be given in the southeastern bedrooms give a soothing effect. It is a harmonious color for east direction. Structure facing the east direction must give some green shades element in there front elevation. Consultants, architects, designers, fashion stylists people with consulting profession must give place to green in there offices.

Blue : The color of sky, the color that represents the water. Also represents the emotions, inspiration, devotion and truth. Blue is also a good healing color. It is a reducing color, color for mercy, reduces pain in the physical body also. The harmonious direction for color blue is west. It should not be given in kitchens and restaurants, offices, shops etc. It can be used in children bedroom. Blue color is strictly prohibited in southeast direction, as southeast is a direction for fire and blue represents the water. This will create the placement of two anti elements at one place.

Indigo : This color gives a deep connection to the inner self, creates spiritual qualities, and enhances the psychic abilities. This color can be used anywhere expect toilets and kitchens. It is best in meditation andstudy rooms. Good combination is with white or yellow.

Violet : Color for religious devotion, knowledge, temperance. Enhances spiritualism, memory, concentration and gives stability of mind. Best for pooja, study rooms, good for students, scholars, people with lot of mental work. This color is also good for those who are dicey in there decisions, can not think much about there better self etc.

Pink : It is a color, which is mostly associated with love and heart. It is a best-suited color for newly wed couples. Couples who are always at clash and fights should use this color.

The science of good living

March 31, 2010


The ancient relics say that vaastu is all about positive and negative forces, which are constantly interacting with each other. If there were more positive energies in the building, the result of such a construction would yield more successful, healthy, wealthy and peaceful life.

Vaastu means a balanced, harmonious and soothing environment that involves balance in ten directions available in the universe.

These directions provide subtle energies, which can be sensed like gravitational, solar, magnetic energy, airflow etc. When we build a structure, the flow and availability of all the energies has to be taken care of. If these energies are not harmonious in the structure, vaastu defects are created and our life becomes difficult. If there is harmony in all energies, we call it positive environment; else we call it negative environment.

Here are some instances of what can happen because of bad vaastu.

Labour disputes: labor disputes are a big tension in industry. If there is any heat generating equipment in the northeast direction, then there are chances of frequent labour disputes.

Legal disputes: lots of time and money is wanted in legal disputes with clients south east is the seat of fire or agnidev, so no water borings or underground water tanks should be placed in this direction as water and fire are and anti elements.

Heavy loses: at times heavy loses are incurred in spite of hard work and many efforts. This occurs if the northeastern side is higher than the south western or if thee are toilets in extreme northeast direction.

Rejection of material: if even after repeated quality checks if the goods produced get rejected, chances are that they are not stored in proper place. if they are stored in the south or southwestern direction it is totally anti vaastu.

Inconsistent business: if deals are failing to mature, then chances are then chances are that the marketing staff is not facing the right direction. They should face the north and there should not be any obstruction in front of them like a wall or cupboard.

Vaastu for Fulfillment

March 18, 2010

Here are some vaastu tips to overcome the lack of money, concentration, and sleep in your life.

Lack of Income

Do you complain that your income is not sufficient to meet your expenses? Do you wonder why you cannot save money? Analyze your residential/office structure. The north wall should be lower in heights than the south wall. North is the direction for North Pole energy, never blocks the North Pole energy by elevating your building higher towards the north. Also keep the north clean and fresh as possible. This keeps the money position stable and strong. For this appeases kuber, the lord of the north. If you are If you fortunate to get a north facing house or factory never create upper floors, in the north direction. Do not position overhead water tanks in the north. Pillars for beautifying the elevation given in north is also not good.

Lack of Concentration

Scholars, accountants, and computer programmers anyone at all can suffer from the problem of low concentration. Scan the things and environment around you. If you see clutter around your area this means there are things lying which are not required on day-to-day basis. If you are not organized you cannot concentrate. Take care of your colors around you; the colors should not be dark and hazy. Combine colors such that lighter ones dominate the darker ones, this is very beneficial for harmony, peace and concentration.

Ensure that you are welcoming the north energies or not this will make you feel energized, open maximum windows towards the north direction, and do not give admirals and heavy storages on the north wall. Giving good and big mirrors on north wall makes the north feel more open and wider. Don’t ever store shoes and sleepers in the north, shoes carry lots of weight. Face towards the north or northeast direction while studying, praying or working for increase in concentration and memory.

Lack of Sleep

When sleeping don’t point your head towards the north direction; as it gives a magnetic pull to our mind when we point our head towards it. The human head is a negative terminal in the body, the feet are positive terminal. North is a positive terminal and south is a negative terminal. The negative and positive give a pull to each other. So if you place your head towards the north the positive point of north direction pulls the negative point. Best direction to point the head while sleeping is south that way our feet, which are positive, are best suited with north’s positive energies.

The second option for pointing the head could be eastern in direction. Take care not to point the head towards the door of the room. Also the feet should not be pointed towards the door. Sleeping under a beam is very hazardous. Create a soothing environment, use light shades of colors, burn the lavender or sandal wood aroma oils to facilitate sound sleep.

Favorable Vaastu Signs

February 24, 2010

There are several little things, which we may not pay heed to in our daily lives. They may not be good for the vaastu of our houses. You must know the good and the based signs of vaastu for leading a good life

Sweep in the good fortune

A broom is a powerful tool for prosperity, as it eliminates dust, garbage and dead things. Bringing a broom into a new house, before the house warming, is very auspicious. Never store brooms upside down, never use them in the evening after the sunset, never touch them with your feet all these make for bad vaastu and usher in bad luck. Buying a broom on Deepawali is a very good sign. Store brooms in the west or northwest.

Signs of good things

Water floating in the north and northeast brings wealth. Placing auspicious symbols such as swastika; kalash, Om and feet of goddess lakshmi on the main door are good vaastu signs. Build a temple such that it is accessible while entering as well as exiting the house. Display a picture of Lord Shiva Parvati to maintain harmony in the family.

Beasts of (mis) fortune

While pigeons, crows, rats, cats, insects, and red ants in and around the house are not good vaastu, keeping dogs and birds are very auspicious. They create good energy in the environment. Birds chirping in and around the house bring good luck. Birds stay only in places with good energies. Never destroy bird nests.

Food for thought

Displaying fruit and flowers makes for very good vaastu. Keep fruit in the open dining areas. Fruit is the food for god; where it is kept, god blesses the place. The first fruit of the season should be offered to god. Leaving pickles, medicines, knives and scissors around the dining area creates disharmony in the family.

Writing on the wall

Broken utensils and torn clothes here and there should be thrown out of the house; they are bad vaastu signs. Knocking on the door early morning is also not considered as a good vaastu sign. Damaged wall plaster/paint represents problems for family members. Always keep the house well maintained.

Light up your life

Illuminate the entire house for at least some part of the evening. Don’t switch off all the lights because you are not using them; it is not good vaastu sign. Lighting a lamp outside the main door or in the southeast corner is a good vaastu sign. Keeping a copper vase full of gangajal in the northeast is very auspicious. Offer garlands of natural flowers or chandan to picture of deities.

Vaastu for Seven Basic Needs

February 12, 2010

In Ancient scriptures and Vedas it is said that we have seven basic needs/luxuries in our life. Let us discuss their importance vaastu wise.

First need is Health:

Health is a basic factor of our life. If you are not healthy you cannot grow in life, cannot work hard. Beware if you have a toilet in your northeast direction, this may lead to many chronic diseases and ends in surgical procedures. Northeast bedrooms used by couple may create problems in pregnancy, could also lead to abnormal children.

Never place your head towards north direction while sleeping, the North Pole energy disturbs in sleep and creates health problems. Now we come to the southwest corner, toilets, bore wells, underground water tanks, swimming pools provided in this direction leads to many problematic health issues and in turn create tension and depression.

Southeastern bedrooms may give high blood pressure problem and irritation in your mood as a routine. The east side of your plot the direction from where the sun takes a rise is very sensitive, It this is blocked and made heavy you get Eye related problems, Stroke, Paralysis and severe headaches/migraines etc.

Second need is Good Income:

Never say I am poor generally people say this phrase – Hum tho greeb admi hai. This way you are empowering your problem. Always give the dues and balances on time. Facing the north directions opens up the opportunities for money. Time is money value it. Check the water slopes it should not be towards the south or southwestern directions.

Give a boost to North Pole energy clear the obstructions from north to south; accumulate the energy by closing the south. Make your entries from the prosperous direction, beautify the main entries. Take care that the entries may have no obstruction inside or outside. Let your time be in your favor place the wall clocks and calendars in north direction.

Third need is a good life partner:

A right partner makes you life journey very easy and cushions you from all jerks you get on life road. To gain this aspect applies law equality. Wherever there is dark give equal amount of light, wherever there is dullness give sharpness. The balance between male and female energies, balance between receptiveness and giving ness. Give combination in colors and sounds. Choose right direction for the bedroom.

Fourth need is Name and Fame:

It is important need Name, fame respect you gain from this society. Money cannot bring you name and fame but vice versa. Enhance your east direction for the name and fame. Always keep this direction very clean, identify east by beautifying it and do not burden this direction.

Fifth need is an Obedient son:

Purest form of relationship, but in this modern time, needs answers, clarifications, and equal amount of give and takes. The ego strings attached to this relation some times gives bad music. Now we come to the vaastu part. Check your building structure. If north is higher than south you may be uncomfortable in this relation ship. Another big reason may be occupying the authoritative positions in the structure. The southwestern positions occupied by the son gives him dominating attitudes and bring a clash between the father and son.

Sixth need is Security from enemies:

This indicates a secure life where you have no enemies in your life. Scan the southeastern directions of your structure. What all have you given in this direction. See your main entries; also see your water sources.

Seventh need is Spirituality:

After all the requirements you must thank the almighty. You should be able to follow his nature made principles. Make your environment so healthy so that you would be able to love humanity. If you really lack this use violet shades in your life, press your index finger and thumb for some time to concentrate on your karmas.

Vaastu Tips for a Happy You

January 27, 2010

These little vaastu tips can help you change the course of your life. Follow them to be peaceful, happy and prosperous.

To remove negative energies, Place Sea salt in your rooms. Always keep your home well-illuminated clutter brings in confusion, so throw away useless, broken and dead things. Do not keep a clock that doesn’t work; it leads to overall stagnation. Whatever you lack in your life, be it money or peace or happiness give it to the people and you will get it back tenfold. Do not utter negative words for the vaastu pursue in your house always says tathatsu (so be it). Placing wall clocks and air conditioners on the south wall brings bad luck.


Use soothing colors such as pink or mauve in the bedroom; avoid darker, brighter shades. For peace and prosperity a couple should stay in a room in the southwest. Place a picture of the happy couple on the southwest wall for stability in the relationship. Remove pictures of water features like waterfalls, aquariums and fountains. Do not place pictures of wild animals, gods or sadness /violence.


While the gas stove should be placed along the east wall, all water features and equipment should be placed in the north; this avoids clashes between the water and fire elements.


  • Face north while working and eating.
  • Point your head towards the south while sleeping.
  • Combine light and dark colors in your home and office.
  • Keep an amethyst quartz crystal near you to stay calm.
  • Never sit or sleep under a beam, as it leads to unwanted stress.
  • Never point your head or feet towards the door of the room.
  • Avoid sitting in the southeast corner, as it makes you irritable.
  • Do not place an underground water tank in the southwest.




The north and east should be cleaner and lighter compared to the south and west. Water sources should be in the north and east. Block the southwest corner; make it heavier and higher to preserve the magnetic energy of prosperity. Give place to fire in the southeast, where the sun is at its peak. Toilets in the northeast lead to poverty. If there are more doors and windows in the north, you invite trouble. Do not block the northeast; keep it open and light.

Northeast Dos:

  • Keep the northeast clean and uncluttered to invite good luck.
  • Float fresh yellow flowers in a bowl of clean water in the northeast for good luck.
  • Face the northeast while worshipping, to please the deities.
  • Study while facing the northeast; it enhances concentration.
  • Keep legal papers in the northeast.
  • Keep a copper vase full of Ganga jal to usher in good luck.

Northeast Don’ts:

  • Do not sleep in a bedroom in the northeast at the time of conception. The offspring may be abnormal.
  • Do not store garbage, broom or mops here it will bring bad luck.
  • Do not store heavy materials in the northeast they bring tension.
  • A kitchen in northeast leads to clashes and ill health.
  • A store in the northeast blocks the flow of energies.
  • Placing transformers and generators here may lead to accidents.